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Coming soon, we'll have a selection of popular products on site for you to demo. For now we are By appointment Only, give us a call or email!

General Trading Consolidated
2400 E. Front Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58504

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What is your service area for sales and repairs across North Dakota?
We offer equipment, tools, and parts sales THROUGHOUT the state of North Dakota. Repair and service of equipment brands we sell is offered within a 100 mile radius of Bismarck. If you're wondering if we can serve you, just give us a call or email. We'd be glad to answer your questions.
What industries does GTC serve?
The equipment manufacturer brands we deal in are generally focused on the heavy-duty industrial, and automotive industry. Garages and tire services as well as auto body shops and automotive industrial equipment. Also we would serve the construction industries, all types of machining, as well as agricultural.
Does GTC install systems and wiring, when needed?
We can install just about any industrial or commercial equipment that you need for your business. We also sell and install specialty lighting and bundled security camera solutions.